17 Oct 2017

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Sheffield Design Week 2017 is a mini-festival,

17 Oct 2017

Sheffield Design Week 2017 is a mini-festival, the full festival programme is back in 2018. This year we are taking time to find out what you want from the festival and how we can make it better in our design survey which will inform next years design week.

Sheffield Design Week is a collaborative platform and we are pleased to say that Sheffield Institute of Arts are holding a series of design-focused events this year which we are helping to promote.


Sheffield Design Week is hosted in one of the UK’s most creative cities. Taking place annually, this week long festival plays host to an array of local, regional, national and international design, architectural and creative names. It showcases all disciplines of design, from graphic design to architecture, advanced manufacturing and technology to fashion and product design and more. We promote an exciting, varied programme, including exhibitions, workshops, talks, design conferences, installations, product launches, open studios and walking trails.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

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