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Field and Friends will be exhibiting Fleeting Moments (Here or There), with a special guest appearance from the instagrmamaphone.

Fleeting Moments was exhibited as part of the Leeds digital Festival earlier this year and will be taking on a new guise for Sheffield Design week, 2016.


Here or There (Fleeting Moments)

“On a fine day, when the tide was in, Balgriffin assumed a picture-postcard beauty”

Mary Bringle


Fleeting Moments is a reaction to our picture-postcard view of the world. When we think of New York, do we imagine the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building fused with the vibrancy and electric lights of Time Square? When we think of Paris is the Eiffel Tower framed vertically in the image flanked by flamboyantly dressed can-can dancers, layered over the neon glow of the Moulon Rouge? The answer is probably but not definitely. The aim of the exhibited work is to challenge the notion of the picture-postcard and try to represent the world’s most densely populated places as they really are, or as close as we can get, without being there in person. To explore the street-life alongside the private living spaces, to show the unedited and the over produced in a juxtaposed real-time glimpse of everyday life.

The ‘Fleeting Moment’ is seen as something that cannot be recreated upon a second visit but leaves a short-term resonance, that leads to a re-imagining of that moment sometime in the future, where it is romanticised about and fawned over in an overly elaborate re-creation of the truth. The aim of the work is to create digital fleeting moments that can only happen once and aim to show that place as it is at this very moment. The moments last for 60 seconds and then they are gone. The only record is a new printed postcard, automatically generated by each fleeting moment, too abstract to read as a space or a place but a document of it happening nonetheless.

The work fuses 4 different real-time media streams, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and AudioBoo. Using the 4 sources we can harvest the data in real-time, via the API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to create an impression of that place in a digital landscape. This is achieved by using the coordinates of the world’s 50 most densely populated places and extracting the most recently posted asset from each of the 4 feeds. This in turn projects the 60 second ‘Fleeting Moment’ onto the screen. If there is no user intervention before the 60 seconds completes, the machine randomly takes flight to its next location.

29th October

Hallam Hall
Sheffield Hallam University
Howard Street

10am – 7pm
Drinks available 5pm – 7pm

1/250 free unique digital prints available.




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Hallam Hall
Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus
Howard Street
S1 1WB

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