2016 Theme announced



Launch of  Sheffield Design Week theme for 2016,  Design City
Examining how design can influence + shape Sheffield’s identity and perceptions in the UK and internationally.
International speakers from Bilbao/St Etienne/Porto/Detroit

The 2016 festival will examine what goes into making a dynamic city and how design can shape and influence a strong cultural identity embracing a rich history of innovation and creativity.

We will be exploring how design and creativity promote economic growth? Connecting a rich history of manufacturing prowess with an explosion in advanced technologies and design development.

The theme of the festival in 2016 allows international speakers in design and architecture to contribute their own design stories around city development. Previous Sheffield Design Week themes have included ‘Can Design Save the World’ and ‘Transformation’ themes that look at how different design approaches can solve social needs and respond to challenges. In 2016 the festival will look at how the whole city can work with and utilise design to improve public service, build better houses, improve transport and increase community engagement.public discourse on the place and contribution of design in contemporary society.

A range of installations, events and talks will be held discussing the role and contribution of design in a 21st century society.

“2016 seems a great opportunity to discuss Sheffield in the context of being a Design City. From a history fueled by creative endeavor and invention, from being the birthplace of stainless steel to the 1960’s rethinking of public space that resulted in Europes largest listed building at Park Hill, to a contemporary environment fueled extraordinary levels of innovation and creativity in design and technology sectors”
Patrick Murphy, Director. Sheffield Design Week

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