A View of Sheffield – Interview

There is a great project happening this year for Sheffield Design Week, ‘A View of Sheffield’ looks to capture people’s thoughts about the city and turn them into a creative project and exhibition at Park Hill for this year’s design festival. We caught up with the masterminds of the project at Über Agency to find out more:

Who would you like to take part in the project?
Initially, anyone and everyone who has an opinion on Sheffield is welcome to take part. They could be born and bred Sheffielders, commuters, students, tourists or people that, for whatever reason, have decided to make Sheffield their home. Even if someone’s only experience of Sheffield was to stop off for a bacon butty on their journey elsewhere – we want to hear their view. The more of a cross-section we get, the more of a real insight we’ll get into Sheffield, and this, in turn, creates richer source material for the designers.

The second part of A View of Sheffield is to transform these simply written opinions into works of art. We’re going to invite designers and artists to pick one of the quotes and then interpret it however they want. It really is an open brief for them, so we’re anticipating a fantastic mix of different styles and use of media. Obviously, we’ll be trying to get Sheffield-based designers onboard but if anyone from further afield wants to have a go, that’d be great too.





How can people participate?
We want to make it really easy for people to submit their views, so it can be as simple as scribbling your opinion on a beer mat and then tweeting a selfie to us at @AViewofSheff or via email at hello@aviewofsheffield.co.uk

We’ve also been taking to the streets of Sheffield to get opinions on the fly, so if you see some handsome chaps with a camera and an A2 sketchpad – don’t be shy!
For the visual side of the project, designers can visit website aviewofsheffield.co.uk where they can browse all of the people’s quotes and then select their favourite one to work on. It’ll be on a first come, first served basis so keep an eye on our social media feeds for the launch date. Designers will then have a few weeks to get their work completed for the exhibition at Sheffield Design Week.



Über are the studio behind the project, please tell us more about what you do and where you’re based in the city.
Über are an award winning ideas agency that create advertising and design across all platforms for clients such as tombola, The Perfume Shop, Topman, BAFTA and The University of Sheffield. We’re based right at the heart of Sheffield in the famous/infamous newly redeveloped Park Hill complex.



What is your view of Sheffield, and how would you describe the design industry in the city?
We feel that Sheffield is very underrated; certainly, people’s perceptions of the city are quite different to the reality they experience when they come here.

Unlike many other large UK cities, Sheffield seems to quietly get on with things without causing too much fuss. Yet it consistently has a great creative output; right from the hugely influential Designers Republic to contemporary talents like Phlegm, Nick Deakin, Kid Acne, Side by Side and DED Associates.

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Website aviewofsheffield.co.uk
Email: hello@aviewofsheffield.co.uk


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